Little Known Facts About the BUCKET THEORY Lookbook

The hunky South African duo of Skop Die Bncket and The Common Man respective founders of clothing brands Skop Die Bucket and The Common Theory have recently joined forces and formed The Bucket Theory clothing brand and now they bring us their collection for the A/W 14 season.

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bucket theory3
Photography byTatenda Chidora

 Both brands have experienced individual success in Pretoria and across South Africa before coming together, and as we commonly say in streetville language “real recognizes real” this was the paramount force in the union of these street fashion giants.

the bucket theory8
Photography byTatenda Chidora

With no other intention but to extend their reach, they decided to diversify their lines and move into hip hop and sportswear-orientated domains which inspired their A/W 14 season collection. This unparalleled collection was tailored to reinforce their DIY approach that sees them taking the driver’s seat and manufacturing their own clothes _ sorry China.

bucket theory1
Photography byTatenda Chidora

The streets, rather, the Afrikan streets are evidently happy to see their very representatives pulling their own strings and taking gigantic steps in establishing an original, cutting-edge Afrikan street fashion industry free from gimmicks and imitation.

bucket theory4
Photography byTatenda Chidora
bucket theory6
Photography byTatenda Chidora

With all this said we want to say #ntswemp to these Pretoria creatives for their great contribution to the expansion of streetville and for improving economic circumstances of the continent.

Styling: Kgotso Letwaba, Theophilus Malebane, Andile Twala

Models: Guy Makonero , Christopher Tsinyane

ORDER THE BUCKET THEORY HERE>>>>>Check the rest of this collection on our gallery


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