Which South African Brands Helps You Connect With Your Hood?

Meet & Greet Johannesburg-based street wear brand Rep Your Hood SA 

Fact: Your wardrobe craves new gear (no doubt about that). As it stands you’ve got a pair of sneakers, washed up jeans from the 1990s and obviously a classic pair of sun glasses. Now you want to top that with a couple of urban, contemporary accessories and some bold street apparel _ Doesn’t it sound like wishful thinking? Wait until you meet Rep Your Hood SA

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Rep Your Hood logo
Rep Your Hood logo with background image

Fact: Rep Your Hood SA is more than a clothing brand it is a representation of where you come from (considering that you are from the streets of course). It’s been around since 2012 and their lines fuse contemporary trends with a forward-thinking approach. They bank all their money on quality too.

new sweater-resized
Rep Your Hood grey sweater with red a scribble

True: We know fashion is evolving at bewildering speeds, so we are more than convinced that this collection will be a great addition to your ever growing wardrobe, it sets things ablaze with gear that includes not only:

  • Sweaters & Joggers
  • Graphic Ts
  • Caps
Rep Your Hood caps

The Christmas rush has a foot in the door,  plus your washed up denim and cool sun glasses cannot make a complete outfit on their own. Get your hands on this stuff while it’s hot and join us in streetville lounge for some book reading elixirs…

  • Be proud of where you are from.
Rep Your Hood black & white sweater with  a red graphic
Rep Your Hood black & white sweater with a red graphic

 View the rest of this collection on our gallery

Rep Your Hood logo
Rep Your Hood

Rep Your Hood SA is a young South African brand that is setting the streets awash with awe. Hang Out With Them On:
images url


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