A Chat With Mozambican Multi-Disciplinary Creative _ ORIGIMOZ

Lights, Camera and Music 

From the warm shores of the Indian Ocean, Maputo-based Photographer, Graphic Designer & music producer Origimoz sounds it off about his multi-media design work and takes us back to the beginning, how he got his exotic name and while sipping on Coconut water he gives us a few important tips to keep in our creative toolbox.

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Art work by Origimoz
Artwork by Origimoz

Greetings we are glad you’re here.  why don’t you take us back to the beginning? Who is Origimoz? Thanks for having me. To put it simply, ‘Origimoz’ is basically my mind’s editor. The creative force that drives me enough to produce work, but mostly I use that nickname to make music rather than the other stuff.

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I have to ask, and I hope you aren’t offended, but what is with the name Origimoz? The name came about while I was in London as I was about to start living there for a couple of years. I needed to have a new name that symbolized where I come from. So ‘Origimoz’ means ‘Originally from Mozambique’

Tell us a little about your journey and how you evolved as a creative  to the level you are at now? Practice. You have to sort of constantly find ways of doing it again and again. I know that I can only get better with practise, research and taste/eye curation. For everything I do it really evolved around those principles to be where I am now.

Artwork by Origimoz
Artwork by Origimoz


What does photography mean to you? Photography is exactly what we think it is. A recording of moments. But it transcends way beyond that principle. It has many uses on how we see things, concepts, ideas and even the impossible.

What were the difficulties you encountered first starting photography in Mozambique? I had my start in London actually. The thing I kind of regret is that all the stuff could be a lot easier back in the UK. In Mozambique is really about working with what you have to make it all come together. It’s hard to find a team member willing to work and people devoted to maximizing the situation, but I’m solving that as time goes by.

What do you want your viewers to take away from your work? Locally, I want the viewers to have a sense of pride in what they see. Mozambique is a baby in a few aspects. There’s still a lot of people who think some things are not possible visually so whenever I photograph people, I want them to feel proud that such imagery happens in Mozambique  also.

Art work by Origimoz
Art work by Origimoz

Music Production:

If there was one word you could use to explain your experience so far while working as a music producer, what would it be? Interesting.

Do you remember the moment in your life when you knew that a career in music was one of the things you wanted to do? While working with my friend EMARR on our first joint album called “ABOVE&BEYOND” we did intensive weeks over at his house that all we did was wake up, eat, work on music until we got tired. That experience gave me that feeling that this could be something to pursue someday.

What did you have to sacrifice to make your career happen? Maybe nights of sleep really. But that’s such a normal thing for any musician. But its necessary.

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What goals did you have set before you started your career? Eventually be recognized abroad finally giving honour to the name “Origimoz”.

What are some of the biggest mental tools you can obtain to be successful in this field? Great ear for everything! That’s basically it.

 What are the essential elements you need to make a great record? That I don’t even know. Normally I just sit and build blocks of compositions until something good comes out. A great record could be made depending how the singer/musician eventually tackles it.

Art work by Origimoz
Art work by Origimoz

Graphic Design:

Explain who you are as a graphic designer? Just a guy that loves minimalist design and plays around with it sometimes.

How do you handle “design blocks” and can you prevent them? The only way to prevent design blocks is to be constantly feeding your mind with anything that will make it happy. And that also applies to other areas because that way you will feel a bit amped to produce something.

Where do you find your inspiration and your ideas?  Mainly internet and magazines.

Art work by Origimoz
Art work by Origimoz

How do you approach a new design? What’s your process? Depends on what I’m designing. I design by necessity. So If I need a blog, cover, layout, logo, etc I simply start making moodboard of how I intend for it to look and feel. After that I just go about getting all the resources necessary to execute. Then its more of a trial and error phase while making it because it can either go exactly how you want it or the total opposite.

What do you think are the most important principles to have in mind when designing? Personally: Aesthetics over everything. Once you have a sharp eye into what looks and feels good, you can design in the right direction.

What do you think makes a good design? A clear sense of pleasure to the viewer. How it looks, how it feels, what is the design saying and how comfortable is the viewer experience.

Is there any additional advice you can give to help along the way to a successful career? Stay true to what you do and always give your all in whatever you do. Everyone is unique and that uniqueness will reflect to people alike.

Art work by Origimoz
Art work by Origimoz

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Celso “Origimoz” Zaqueu

Origimoz is a Mozambican multimedia designer looking to give honour to his name.

Catch him on:

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