Here Is a Free Festival That Exposes The Plight Of The Underprivileged In Cape Town

Exposing the plight of the underprevilleged 

Evictions happen each year in Cape Town, often during the coldest months, and targeting the city’s most vulnerable groups:

  • The poor
  • The unemployed
  • Children +  the elderly

This production brings the evicted and their plight into the heart of the city centre, for Cape Town to see and understand  their discontent.

Infecting the city1

The Open City Project approaches the city as a dynamic space of experimentation and vitality, this project will see the construction and installation of eight wooden structures with 16 artworks at the  Infecting the City Festival. Over the primary artworks will be:

  • Layered text
  • Photos & Images
  • Maps of evictions and resistances

Five poets will describe the politics and emotions of the images being constructed.

This is a free production

We have crowd-funded for this project in order to be part of the Infecting the City Festival – a free public arts annual festival that is scheduled this year for the 9th – 14th of March in Cape Town, South Africa.

Through crowd sourcing we have accumulated 50% of the production cost to make it possible for the public to see and experience this production and its distinctive offering  for free 

Infecting The City2

The Project is Simple 

We see the mushrooming numbers of evictions as a violation of what it means to be human. The fact that citizens of a country do not own the land brings the logic of democracy into a field of questions about our collective future and how we want to live and get past the present.

Poetic Voices, Images and structures will express the feelings of those who are excluded and marginalized by the securitisation, privatization and surveillance of city space.

Infecting The City4

 Join this vibrant and innovative annual public arts festival that takes place in the City of Cape Town


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