3 Simple Things That Will Help You Enjoy an Afternoon in Maputo

What to do in Maputo when boredom is at large

What better way to get a taste of Mozambique and acquire some inspiration than to hit the streets &  have a snappy conversation with From Moz With Style  a group of highly creative bloggers from the Mozambican capital…?  I’ve been wondering.

Making the most of each afternoon spent on the hot streets of the beautiful Mozambican capital can be translated to a few things:

  • A camera
  • A couple of cool outfits
  • Some blogsphere friends _ Oh! almost forgot to mention Coconut water.





How does the camera help?

Well, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure that when visiting any part of the world not just MOZ you will need (unless you prefer to draw) some kind of tool to capture the beautiful scenery.


The cool outfits. Are these really necessary?


having in mind that Mozambicans are naturally self-concious and that their appearance is worth its weight in gold.  Yes, you might want to look your best and as exotic as you can pull it off while roaming around the blazing hot streets.



Join some blogsphere friends…Not a tour guide

Unless you are raking in cash you don’t have to pay for he services of a tour guide when visiting The City Of Acacias. 

  • How?

At this stage of the championship, if you do not maintain a blog of your own yet  _ Well…learn about blogging  and familiarise yourself with some of the most prominent bloggers in that country.

While on the streets do not forget to grab some fresh Coconut water that is usually sold by strong men pushing around a makeshift trolley.

What Do You Do In Your City when Boredom Is At Large?



5 thoughts on “3 Simple Things That Will Help You Enjoy an Afternoon in Maputo

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    1. Hi FashionFrappuccino,
      Thanks for your appreciation. I gave a follow to your blog and to say the least, I found a new home. Help spread the word in Atlanta as I am doing the same in Johannesburg.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. How I love this blog!!!!! I fell in love with Mozambique a few months back and plan on going back in a few weeks. Thanks for the travel tips 😉


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