22 Lessons Learned From the “Lets Play Outside” Workshop by RHTC Online Store


The past weekend was in many ways a productive one with the highlight being the Lets Play Outside creative workshop titled Creative Alternative On Visual art. This is a new altruistic initiative brought by the creatives behind the RHTC online store aimed at the sharing of knowledge and encouragement of young creatives to Play outside the box find alternative creative careers that meet the needs of the information age in which we now live.

Two prominent Johannesburg-based creatives took centre stage as guest speakers namely Success Maake a multimedia designer who fancies himself as a brand architect and Lazi Greiispaces Mathebula an illustrator, Art director, graphic,  furniture and textile designer who went from being rejected by corporations to turning them away. The outspoken Kabelo Mr.Calibre Moremi kept the horses in place as the host of the event.

We kept in our toolbox 22 important points in no particular order that may come in handy in your own creative ventures:

  1. The streets have more power than corporations
  2. Grow from rejection
  3. Hard work is a social code
  4. Program your work on relevant people’s minds
  5. Create the right getaways
  6. Remain consistent in your work
  7. Think beyond your city
  8. Create a personal charging scheme that applies to your field and your skills
  9. Be a vehicle of Information
  10. Help brands look good as much as they make you look good
  11. Take yourself seriously by believing in your work
  12. Make yourself employable to corporations by working for the streets
  13. Dabble with the real world while still in school
  14. Ask as many questions when charging big brands try to find out what the budget is
  15. Chose to remain original
  16. Use money to get the freedom to create more
  17. Use an abstract approach to avoid imitation
  18. Move closer to your favourite creative hub or frequently visit it
  19. The money you get from clients is a way of showing that you are taken seriously.
  20. Mingle with people who make you smarter
  21. Restructure your financial base
  22. Avoid debt



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