Why The RHTC Lets Play Outside Advert Is The Coolest Thing To Watch

First of all, the creation, screening and publishing of the advert proves that many small voices are louder than one giant voice, and that the willingness to lend a collaborative hand, goes a long way in creating a beautiful and even successful product.

“The RHTC LetsPlayOutside advert is a project that we at RHTC created for our homies to reveal that they are the cool”, said Frypan Mfula, in his usual laid-back flair, while giving his overly simplified description of this project.

Secondly, the visuals are simply amazing. Shot in one of Johannesburg’s finest creative hubs, Braamfontein. Produced and co-directed by Frypan, the other half of the direction team comprises Mongezi Bottoman. The two main acts Seth Pimentel & Kgomotso Kholoane are dressed by The Uniconz and Soingne respectively _ both brands available at the rhtconline.com.

lpo3 (1)

And finally, the colourful characters, the toys, the energy, the attitude, the fashion, and even the autonomy in the video, all emphasise the concept of playing outside, which in turn, encourages the pursuit of alternative means to make-ends-meet without having to go through the confines of age -old ways of making a living.

lpo 2

“We are the ones that play outside the norm, and this is how we choose to Return Home To Create”, said Frypan Mfula in conclusion to how The RHTC LetsPlayOutside advert project came to fruition.

Congratulations to the RHTC team for a job well done.


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