Little Known Facts About Johannesburg Coolest Charity

Much has been documented in reference to the different charities in Johannesburg which help thousands of destitute children _ but one that really snatched our attention was Kicks For Charity. An altruistic initiative brought to fruition by Sibangani Ncube and his desire to make a difference.

Clearly, this is no conventional charity as Sibangani Ncube explains, “charities tend to repeat ideas, but there’s a need for new creative concepts”. We sat down with Siba for a chat so he could shed light into his project.

  • Meanwhile, use this cool Hashtag to spread the word _#kicksforcharity2015

kicks for charity

In the beginning 

This venture was initially fueled by Siba’s desire to stretch a helping hand instead of receiving gifts on his 24th birthday. The initial intent was to collect 24 pairs of sneakers to match his age at that time. However, the overwhelming response from peers and sympathizers to his cause prompted him to launch a fully-fledged charity drive _ You can do this too.

Why philanthropy and not Entrepreneurship?These both require one to identify a certain need and put in the effort to administer them. I could come up with a business idea and people would have to pay me for it. I just happened to think of something that is beneficial to others, and it’s really cool that they don’t have to pay me for this.

“Kicks For Charity”, why that curious name? When I started out, I would tell my friends that I am collecting “kicks for charity”. And from saying that, only 3 words would stand out. Kicks for charity…K…F…C!!!

Kicks For Charity2

Tell us a little about the journey and how the project evolvedIt’s really refreshing how the initiative kicked off. In the beginning I was just challenging my friends to spare a pair from their collections. Now I even give interviews. I am getting people from all over Johannesburg participating. I am collaborating with other sneaker enthusiasts to make a difference. It’s really cool how things turned out.

Where can we drop those Kicks For Charity? Sneakers can be dropped off at the Debut store in Braamfontein. 6 De Beer Street, Johannesburg.

Are there any plans to grow this initiative? Giving should never stop. As long as there are less fortunate people in need of a helping hand.

Kicks For Charity1



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