Mataphora Blackout Collection Lookbook

Remember last season, when we brought to focus a young South African entertainment entrepreneur and graphic designer, Tony Chingz? I am sure we all remember…If not, read about the Art-on-Cloth project here

Fast-forward, a year later, this self-proclaimed creator and gentlemen of sorts, brings us one of the boldest and most accomplished collections to hit the streets in 2015.The Blackout collection is certain to dazzle the whole streetville with its distinct range. Created for the bold at heart, this outstanding range includes:

  • Caps
  • Biker Jackets
  • Wife-beaters
  • Shorts
  • Tribal shirts & denim jackets
  • Denim pants and…err…something for the ladies.


 First meet the Mataphora biker jacket

In contrast to the typical leather biker, this one is entirely made of Baumwolle and ornamented with white silver zippers to bring out the detail of the design and its rude slickness.

unnamed (9)

Mataphora denim pants

There are two different jeans, one which has the leg pockets and the other with layer stitching which is inspired by Balmain famous denim design. They have the gold zippers to add more detail to the denim and for a bolder effect.

unnamed (6)

Mataphora shorts & tank top 

 These shorts are the combo that goes with the velvet tank-top. Together, the outfit passes for a more relaxed scenario or a tropical feel_ we s’ppose the summer of love is back with a new wave.

unnamed (1)

Mataphora  tribal shirt

The inspiration behind the shirt was drawn from the fact that this whole range has an international feel and there isn’t a piece that represents the African personality. The fact that it was a monochromatic print worked well and got the point across just fine.


Longline crew neck t-shirt with gold front zip

Long-line t-shirt with gold front zip and the Mataphora circle logo adding a dash of detail, yet keeping it simplistic, allowing the zip to stand out.


Mataphora Crew & V-neck t-shirts

Also part of the range are 100% cotton Crew-neck and V-necks t-shirts with the circle graphic logo on the back. This is significantly a signature t-shirt, for both men and women.


“This look book was released to promote the S/S15-16 official drop that will follow later in the year and is also to give our consumers a feel of what type of cuts and threads will feature in the final collection”  added creative designer Tony Chingz when giving the low-down on this collection.

The complete Spring Summer 15/16 range will feature more vibrant colour pallets and will be available in selected online retailers in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Email your enquiries to or hang out with Tony Chingz and the Mataphora group on their social media hubs: IG: @tonychingz and @mataphora


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