What Everybody Should Know About Clothes For Charity

“Ubuntu”, writes Reuel J. Khoza, “has its origins in the African conception of being.” He firmly goes on to conclude, “Hence I am because you are (cool), and you are because we are”.

The average mind, he admits, deems this African philosophy as both primitive and in stark contrast to modern-day avaricious practices that permeate most societies.

This way, Dr Khoza emphasizes the interdependence of human beings…and…paves the way for us to introduce Clothes For Charity.

Clothese for charity

A Soweto based Non-Profit Organization that makes Ubuntu cool by landing a helping hand to orphans in Soweto and surrounding communities around Johannesburg. Clothes For Charity’s ultimate aim is to collect clothes for those who need them. However, they also collect basic necessities like books, stationary and personal hygiene products.

“Our work is driven by a passionate belief that we all have a responsibility to help where it’s possible” said Thabo Mbongeni the man behind this altruistic cause.


Clothes For Charity promote their charity activities by hosting events where people drop clothes off at a specified location. These events have gained a considerable amount of popularity and keep growing at an exciting pace.


The huge support they receive from urban hipsters and ordinary South Africans has prompted Clothes For Charity to host a conceptual charity event called Picnic 4 Hope (taking kids to school edition) this coming December.

It’s sad seeing young kids going to school barefoot and with torn clothes, so, the aim of this event is to collect old or new uniform and stationary for under privileged kids. Wouldn’t it be dreamy to support this event?


You can check back soon for more event updates or you can hang out with Clothes For Charity on your favorite social networks: @Clothes_Charity


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