A Chat With Mozambican Fashion Blogger Yara Mel

A university student who juggles between styling her hair and blogging about it, with
playing partly as a model. Yara confers with us on the state of the Mozambican creative industry, and how she runs a dazzling and widely read styling blog www.desiring-sme.com.

With temperatures in the Mozambican capital spontaneously reaching thirty-two degrees Celsius, coconut water remained a personal favorite thirst-quenching elixir while we interviewed Maputo-based model, stylist and blogger. Yara Mel.


What do you do apart from running your site desiring-sme.com? I am a university student above all, and my website desiring-sme.com is a hobby on which I devote my spare time.

How did your blogging start and evolve. Where is it at the moment, and where should we expect to see it? I started styleonmel.blogspot.com in 2011 when I felt the need to share outfits that I styled for myself and a few useful fashion tips.
Years passed, and felt that the blog styleonmel.blogspot.com did not reflect me as it was meant to. It was very informal, had undefined content and I realized it needed an upgrade, that’s when desiring-sme.com was born in May 2014.

What is the main theme of your blog? I blog about my personal style and creativity, I’ve also added other people’s style and creations.


How is the blogging landscape in Mozambique? It is very underdeveloped unfortunately. The levels of socio-economic development of the country contribute for such picture. Maybe in the future the blogging landscape will be recognized as more relevant.

Do you perhaps have a side modelling gig? Because we have noted that you model most of the stuff on your shoots. I have done modelling a few times; I still do if any comes up. I believe it is an avenue that I need to explore, that’s perhaps the reason why I mostly model on my blog.

We have seen you sporting some amazing collections, are you a fashion designer? I do not partake in fashion design yet, but I enjoy being a part of the audience that gets to appreciate the beauty of the art that many designers have been bringing onto the runaways.


How successful is your YouTube channel? My YouTube channel is something that makes me laugh because when I watch some of the videos, I wonder what I was doing [laughs]. Overall I have a good number of views which means that the videos are popular, inspiring and useful.

What’s the importance of adopting unconventional hobbies like blogging? It is vital. Blogging gives me the possibility to explore my own dreams and imaginations, translate them into pictures. I can surely affirm that it releases my university stress. A hobby is something that you love unconditionally, hence it will always portrait the best version of yourself.

Which brands or other artists do you usually work with? I tend to work with brands that offer products that I really like and any artist that can come up with something so exclusive that I feel the need to share it on my blog.


What organic tools do you think one can use to expand the reach of one’s blog? Social media is definitely the way to go. Apart from that, other channels such as television shows will always bring desirable results.

What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers? The sooner you start the better. Also, make sure you bring content that is true to who you are and good luck!


Yara Mel is a Mozambican fashion blogger set to get her fashion blogging skills on the webville map. Get in touch with her on Facebook, Tweeter or email your thoughts to info@desiring-sme.com


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