You Will Never Stop Blogging After These 12 Tips

A good question dropped on my email last Tuesday, and in all honesty , I was not entirely prepared to provide a optimized cool response at the time.

The question essentially read: What’s your blogging routine and best practices? It’s a whole lot easier to mumble some fancy, exhaustive routine accompanied with a magic diet that tolerates no Red-bull and/or caffeinated drinks _ and get away with it. But in a stark contrast to the routine ramble came the realization that I had never before taken stock of my own blogging trends, common patterns and best practices.


I went back to the drawing board. It has become second nature for me to revisit my blog’s information architecture (if you ever heard of one) to understand the different kinds of stuff that I post on my blog. From there, I harshly combed-through my post statistics. Following, I selected from the blog, a few widely read posts and a couple of other less visited ones.

I closely studied the posts for common patterns, structure, graphics, headlines and some other clever things. I took note of all relevant data that I could then gather from studying those posts.This exercise not only lead me to deconstruct my blog posts to understand what worked and what didn’t. It also pushed me to create a more concise post blueprint from which I could create new blog posts on the fly. In addition to that, I came up with these twelve random Blogging Tips That Could Boost Your Creativity:


  1. Don’t take yourself seriously but let passion dictate the direction of your blog posts
  2. Write amicably
  3. Be tenacious, because it is survival of the fittest
  4. Everyone is unique and that makes your opinion important
  5. Research, learn new things and keep experimenting
  6. Market your blog incessantly
  7. There’s no wrong way to blog
  8. Extend your reach and exchange knowledge with other bloggers
  9. You are free to contemplate giving up, but don’t
  10. Use your blog stats to learn from your audience
  11. Produce great content that’s useful to your blog visitors
  12. Always remember why you started blogging in the the first place

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