Revolutionize Your Wardrobe With The “Very Lost” Collection

Apologies First…

It would be against my Street Code to publish another blog post before I told you what seats in my wardrobe this season.

I promise. I’ve done everything in my power to bring some justice to this dazzling collection. It is arguably one of the  edgiest local street-wear collections to drop in Johannesburg in 2016. It’s called “Very Lost” and is hooked up by South African designer Didi Simelane.

very lost 3

An all-seasons, androgynous collection, rich in patterns and shaded in a handful of pastel colors. It’s made of light-weight materials, light cottons and track-suiting fabric.  The kinds of material that make for a comfortable yet sophisticated urban look.

Items in this collection include:

  • OG camouflage tracksuits
  • Dungarees, and coach jackets
  • Caps and fanny packs hip packs
  • Shirts & t-shirts

very lost 8

The Very Lost  collection makes substantial use of camouflage prints. From the traditional green as seen on the tracksuits, to the red, white and pink pattern, that is seen on the red shorts, and summer shirts _  this is definitely the Camo season.

The sophisticated, comfortable urban look that this capsule collection embodies, completely eclipses the playful mood and colorful designs that characterize it.This a recurring theme throughout the collection.

very lost 7

It may take a bold character  to sport the pair of pink and blue pants from this collection, however the trousers project an easy-going, laid back flair indeed.

What sets this collection apart is its international appeal and the color choice. The color choice is partially dictated by the art and process of fabric hunting, and emotion each color would possibly evoke as finished garment.

very lost

Order this fine, street and sportsy collection by sending email to the Very designer himself DiDi Simelane at

Photography: Anthony Bila

Models: Tiago Martins, Dj Slice Frederico

Whatch Didi Simelane Street Documentary Below


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