Little Known Secrets About “Mamelodi Olypiana SS16” Lookbook



First and formals…

Three seasons in a row and counting!  One of my favorite up-and-coming designers to feature on this blog is Kgotso Letwaba, a designer on the come up based in Pretoria, South Africa. This favoritism is not only because in 2015 he unveiled theGuts of Glory” collection under the pseudonym Skopdiebncket. It’s not even about his success with The Bucket Theory collection back in 2014. It’s all anchored in his electrifying passion for sportswear.


What’s in a collection?

Memelodi Olympiana (his latest collection) came about as a research project, an avenue to learn more about the types of fabrics used in sportswear manufacturing.

The name Memelodi Olympiana is primarily influenced by the various sports activities that often took place and shaped the reputation of Mamelodi in the days of yore. A reputation standing in stark contrast with the notoriety that has fallen upon this township located in northeast Pretoria.

The collection features both light-weight and eccentric sporty designs with abounding whites mixed with dashes of red in the form of vertical stripes come popular in Baseball uniforms.



A little side note…

“We used light and breathable materials because as a sports collection it must be comfortable and above all, practical on the field”, raved the #AfterSchoolLife head Kgotso Letwaba, when I asked him about the types of fabrics he used in this collection.

If you are still wondering what the take-away notes from this collection are, I then reassure you that this collection tells the story of five different sports.  With each item designed to tell a tale that can be interpreted by the regular dude in the streets as well as anyone with knowledge and appreciation for sportswear.

Get your hands on this hot sports collection by emailing your order to


Collection modeled by Marc Makonero, Photography by Buhle Skosasan, Footwear by Asics South Africa






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