23 Commandments I Learnt From the #POSSIBLEconference

In the steaming cold morning of May 19, I was forced to skip my two-egg omelette breakfast. That’s because I had little time to prepare for the Possible Content Creators Conference  a conference put together by the studs at Between10and5an exceptional online magazine blog that caters for appetites within the South African creative industry.

The conference, as I understood, had the mandate to empower aspiring content creators as well as to Smoothen possible rough edges of seasoned content creators in Johannesburg. This event took place at The Alexander Theater in electrifying Braamfontein.

  • Lots of words were uttered by the different guest speakers, but below is what I managed to loot for personal use



  1. A brand is a set of values, expectations, memories, stories that when put together achieve an envisioned goal
  2. My name is who I am, and my brand is who I work for
  3. I need to set values and a reputation for my brand
  4. My brand ought to be consistent, and I should increase brand involvement
  5. Let me look at where I am as a brand,  because that influences my brand goals
  6. My brand should express my passion
  7. I shall only work with friends and people I like
  8. I must endeavour to work with more people to create a new vision
  9. I must start with a plan not an idea
  10. Blogging is my job, therefore I ought to focus on quality content over the number of followers
  11. Everyone has existed before except for me
  12. I must push myself as much as I can
  13. I shall treat social networking platforms as my curriculum vitae
  14. I always have to use a non-disclosure agreement
  15. I should feature news worthy people who’ve got notable deeds
  16. I shall ask why should I do what  I think of doing?
  17. I must observe and pay attention to my surroundings
  18. My insanity has logic in it.
  19. I will monitor my Idea’s Worth and possible growth
  20. Let me not take myself too seriously
  21. If I’ve done amazing things, I should keep doing more amazing things
  22. I shall look at things with new eyes
  23. I must bring my brand to life





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