Meet Beanie & Socks Campaign: A charity Creating a different winter for Orphans

Whats our responsibility in a society burdened with inequality and rife with poverty? What should one do, to curb the potential repercussions of these economic disparities?

In  search of answers to these questions I stumbled into a small,  cool and yet well-thought-of charity. Its name is Beanie & Socks Campaign

Beanie & Socks Campaign is an enthusiastic philanthropic initiative founded in the winter of 2015 by two altruistic young women from Katlehong, East of Johannesburg.

It all began when Vuyiswa Ntombela and Sindy Ncala acknowledged the dire conditions under which orphans and vulnerable children of Ekurhuleni were living during the cold winter months.



What’s in this campaign?

In 2016 the campaign is themed Creating a different winter for Orphans. Now in its second year running, the initiative bears a much more greater ambition. To collect as many Beanies and Socks as possible and to cover beyond the previous beneficiaries of their efforts.

“Most donations to orphanages and charity homes do not cover all the necessary goods required for children to remain warm in winter” commented the youths behind this venture. Furthermore, Vuyiswa and Sindi observed a constant shortage of Beanies, gloves and Socks, and as a result, both ladies set on a quest to  mitigate the gap and the need for the afore mentioned items.


According to UNICEF South Africa there are approximately 3.7 million Orphans and vulnerable children in the country. Over 268,550 of these are in the Gauteng province alone as counted in 2012. The number must have increased exponentially  by now.

Every township has an Orphanage or more, alternatively, there is great a number of child headed homes or homes with parents whose finances are simply bare and cannot afford to provide appropriately for these deprived children.



The present conditions of these deprived children will have a direct impact on their futures. If YOU are anything like Vuyiswa Ntombela and Sindy Ncala. Then take part in this initiative and support the  Beanie & Socks Campaign by contacting the people below. 

Project Director: +2782 225 2255


Sindy Ncala Coordinator

Cell number: +2772 513 8412



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