What Makes Braamfontein One Of Joburg’s Hipest Hangout Spots

The Food and The Clothing

It would be against my Street Code to publish another post before I told you where I dig for some of my  inspiration, do some unconventional shopping, grab a bite to eat, check out the hippest art galleries and of course drink some gourmet coffee in Johannesburg.

You know! Much has been documented in reference to the world’s most bohemian neighbourhoods, the likes of New York’s Williamsburg (the Mecca for Hipsters), Berlin’s Kreuzberg, Latvia’s Riga, London’s Dalston and Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa. However, not enough effort has been made to document Johannesburg’s own Hipville with its creative frenzy, fashion eccentricity and stimulating artistry.

The idea sprung after Johannesburg was voted the 2nd most inspiring city in the world, preceded by Hong Kong according to a study conducted by Global Good Magazine in 2014

  • Who would’ve thought The Summer of Love has taken a new wave in South Africa?


The Eccentric Looks and Personalities

Let’s define/describe the Braami: Vaguely this is a young Twenty-something year old African in a vicious scramble for knowledge firmly set in his own odyssey of intellectual, creative and cultural re-discovery and social assertion. The later serves to solidify his dignity in modern-day racially polarized South Africa.

In the least of the cases the braami has an inquisitive personality often matched with an offbeat occupation likely in entrepreneurship, arts, media or entertainment. He’s sometimes a university student of the mentioned disciplines. He takes up hobbies like avid reading, abstract music creation and/or consumption, he also Develops an acute eye for all-things-creative.

So far as the appearance is concerned: Think thick beard, long usually unattended to hair, frugal sense of fashion (not so cheap at times) furnished with second-hand jeans and shoes, ridiculously extravagant sunglasses that are sported at all times even in the darkest and dingiest night clubs (the likes of Kitcheners Carvey). He naturally finds a foster home on the corner of De Beers and Juta streets of this boulevard.

  • Watch HYBEAST’s Video documenting Jobug Street Style



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