Echoes from The Levi’s Pioneer Nation Festival _ Entrepreneurship in Streetville

The Levi’s Pioneer Nation 2016, again has helped reassure my intuition which constantly leads me to be believe that; to be an entrepreneur  in streetville you need a curriculum of your own that enables you to investigate the creative and applied process essential to you creating a new business in the face of risk and uncertainty for the purpose of achieving profit and growth by identifying opportunities and assembling the`necessary resources to capitalize on these opportunities. This curriculum is made of interdisciplinary characteristics that includes:

  • Practice, Commitment, Patience
  • Perseverance, Risking-taking
  • Flexibility, Network
  • Collaboration
  • Humility


…Your Worth and Characteristics as a brand owner

What determines your worth as a business or brand is your customer’s willingness to pay for you for your product or services. Shaka Sisulu observed, during his educational and entertaining workshop “Show Me the Money”.

In most instances, it is not the product that the customer wants to buy; often the customer buys into YOU. YOU includes all the above mentioned entrepreneurial characteristics you might possess.


Pricing tips and all that Jazz…

Competitors and your past do not determine your prices. Your prices will be determined by how much you need to earn in order to stay in business as a brand. Yet one of the greatest problems faced by small brand owners is the pricing of the product or service that the brand offers.

Always ask what the budget is before giving a price to a customer, even when you are asked to give an estimation.

Do not charge your customers the same price

Always get something additional to sell to your customer within fair business practices.

Give a complimentary reason for the customer to get extra value i.e. agreements on blog management and maintenance or photography work to complement a blog post.

Always have high asking price, then be able negotiate if necessary.

Review your prices periodically to see if they are in line with your cash flow requirements.


A few tips on selling…

Always be ready to sell, this means you need to, at all times be able to convincingly pitch your idea or brand to a potential customer.

Tell the customer why they need your product or services

You will only get the confidence from knowing yourself and your style

Go for no _ the quicker you go through the “No” is the quicker you get to the “YES”. Eventually the No with turn into a YES

Protect your reputation

Be flexible in your sales processing





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