5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit the RHTC x The playgroundSA Pop up Store in Braamfontein

  •  First South African Online  Street Wear Distributor

To begin with, RHTC is the first South African online store to focus strictly on the distribution of premium South African street wear brands. The RHTC online outlet has been trading online for a little more than three years, and now, it finally found a physical home in the heart of braamfontein.


  • Social responsibility initiatives

Secondly, because the RHTC online Store, with its creative social responsibility initiatives, the brand has grown beyond street wear distribution. In 2015 in collaboration with Trilab and Live Mag SA RHTC Online organized an inclusive, very didactic series of workshops titled Lets Play Outside. This robust workshop series went on for five consecutive months and brought together established as well as aspiring entrepreneurs and artists from different spheres of influence to discuss the viability of creative alternatives to alleviate social problems.


  • Democratizing premium capability

The third reason is because Playground SA with its premium, cutting edge, mobile friendly and functional furniture solutions democratizes premium capability.

With their understanding that design should not be limited to aesthetic appeal but that it has the power of contributing to the growth of our society through advancing design culture to exploring solutions to social problems. Playground SA stands as pioneer in its field beyond any local measures.


  • Innovative and contemporary

Futher more, Playground SA has tapped into innovation waters, its dynamism, functionality, art direction, marketing and overall business model as well as structure is on a league of its own so far as local, entrepreneurs and innovators are concerned.

  • One of Joburg’s Hippest Hangout spots

Because Braamfontein where the RHTC x The playgroundSA Pop up Store is currently located is one of Joburg’s Hippest Hangout spots. Find out why this true by reading this post published earlier in the year here on the blog


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