#BeTheMentorWalk Review _ All You Need to Know about the SAB – Be The Mentor 18+ campaign

A little back story…

As part of the SAB – Be The Mentor 18+ campaign…”The people who have already taken the pledge and are actively making a difference in the lives of their mentees” took to the streets of Johannesburg this past Sunday, November 27th for another of the #BeTheMentor social gatherings.

This time the gathering entailed an entertaining and didactic walk/tour hash-tagged  #BeTheMentorWalk. A walk that started at the Curiosity back packers (around the maboneng precinct) and culminated with a four-destination tour around the city of Johannesburg. The walk’s main objective was to heighten awareness around the scourge of alcohol abuse among underage adolescents, and to bridge the mentorship gap, which stands as one of the mightiest  contributors to teenagers taking to alcohol consumption to address their shortfalls.  The SAB – Be The Mentor 18+ campaign is a fierce movement that seeks to minimize underage drinking and promotes responsible drinking culture.


…What really happened

The walk kicked off in Jeppestown, one of the first suburbs in Johannesburg inner-city, where some of  the oldest buildings in the city still fiercely stand.The mentors and mentees  that took part in the walk were offered a chance to visit the renown Kwa Mai Mai Traditional Healers Market.

From the Traditional Healers Market the group was then guided to see the Collectors Treasury (check this! the Collectors Treasury is the largest used and rare book shop in Africa, and in the Southern Hemisphere, having 1,000,000 plus items on hand).

The Chancellor House was the next destination visited (The is Chancellor House the building where the law firm of Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo was located back in the 20th century). Finally, the group was taxied Joburg-style to the top of Carlton Center. The Carlton Center is the tallest office building in Africa since 1973, and provides panoramic views to the entire city of Joburg _ A must see indeed

Now it’s your turn to be the mentor

All you need to do in order to become one of the campaign mentors is to take the pledge to be the mentor you wish you had on the following website www.bethementor.sab.co.za. Alternatively, search for the #BeTheMentor hashtag  on your favorite social network and follow our work and help us all combat underage drinking in South Africa.


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