How City-living is Changing Lives in Joburg_ Siya Fonds Tells The Story

City-living has been one of the greatest aspirations for most young creatives living in the outskirts of the city of Johannesburg.  Itumeleng Nko,  Tumi Nko, Siya Fonds with photographer Thuba Xulu took to streets of Joburg to photo-document their love for fashion, their  style influences, and to also metaphorically  showcase their hip, inner-city  lifestyles. This editorial portrays a creatives trio living in the city of Joburg and exploring their surroundings. This story, we hope, will help inspire you to live your life fully and strive to reach your aspirations. It also is meant to emphasize that “dreaming is believing and believing is living”.


They explore some of Joburg city’s best views, from the most immaculate areas, to the dingy, dirty and neglected parts of the city. “One of the best things about living and exploring the city is that you get to see how everything connects and how the energy and the network of the city work” Said Siya Fonds, one of the models and stylist for this project.


They also get to experience the inner city living from people who live in the city and call the city home. The city is home to a variety of individuals spanning the entire cultural landscape; all brought together by one common denominator _ the accessibility which the city offers to create a meaningful and/or decent living.


In this city one has learned that you don’t have to conform to any standards but you have to create your own standards and live the best life with your own style to fit the inner city living to the best  of one’s ability.


With not so many words Itumeleng Nko,  Tumi Nko and Siya explain the city best with their style and imagery, with the right clothes to fit into atmosphere of inner city living. Their style is influenced by the city and now they seem to influence the city with their style.


Their style transcends global trends and they want it to influence the youth in a good way for them to create a better alternative path for themselves. Sometimes they know little about what’s surrounding them, from downtown Jozi to the coolest sides of Jozi Maboneng.


And they are here to maintain the existence of our gravity with activities that capture the true essence of existence. Living in the city is a dream to some and to some it’s not even on their wish list, however understanding the city terrain and all the networking that takes place is pivotal to anyone living in Johannesburg. The art of living is the art of exploring and within it, is exploring your city. Some call it Jozi Maboneng the city lights, the city of dreams, where dreams are made.


Words: Siya Fonds

Chiefly Edited by: Frayznix Wordsmith

Creative Direction: Siya Fonds

Photographs: Thuba Xulu

Styling: Itumeleng, Tumi and Siya Fonds


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