Just Sunday Magazine Review _ The Best Kept Joburg Stories

Introducing the newest thing in magazinville…

Just Sunday Magazine is a quarterly magazine that documents the work of local artists, designers, photographers and restaurants _ All this content and they call it Just Sunday Magazine. Despite the eminent death of print media, the Just Sunday magazine, with its slick design, graphically mesmerizing features, and its informal off-beat tone, has a great potential for massive sales.


Packed with abstract compositions and vibrant colors and furnished with straight –to-the-point articles with playful themes. This magazine is set to be “spilling from everyone’s mouth” in Johannesburg _ If not countrywide and globally.

I had the great pleasure of reading both issues that have been published thus far, and I find it safe to say that the two issues are both worth their weight in gold so far as content is concerned. Therefore, I subscribe to its philosophy, and I also am prepared to make this magazine part of my collectibles.


The first issue was published on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2016, and is rather a simple pack that is in my opinion, more of a spur to better, more concise issues to follow. This belief was swiftly confirmed by my reading of issue two.

Issue two which was published on the 31st of October and themed The Creative Issue, is more concise and features far more interesting and well written articles, interviews, look books and portraits of artists, designers and photographers.


Warm up your coffee & continue reading

After I had been introduced to Justsunday magazine, I naturally went on to reach out to one of the magazine co-founders, his name is Khanya Sijaji and we cconsequently did the interview below.

What inspired the name “Just Sunday”?

I always admired the tradition of going out for drinks on Sundays just to catch up on our lives. It’s a day we all get to relax and spend quality time with each other. I wish everyday was Sunday.

What inspired this initiative?

I had a series on YouTube called “Conversations With Creatives” – where we’d document a 5-6min conversation with a few of our favourite creatives, get to know them better, as well as the mindset that goes into their work. How much of themselves they poured into their work, and most importantly, we were and still are just trying to make friends.


What’s the theme of the Magazine?

The current issue, issue 2 is themed the Creatives Issue. The 1st one had no theme –  like the birth day of your first child before you name them, or before you think about what they’ll grow up to be. You’re just happy they’re here.

With print media struggling to cope with technological advances, how sustainable is this venture in your opinion?

We honestly have no clue. None at all. We’ve heard a lot of people tell us that, and working a 9-5 in the Ad industry exposes us to that as well. I really can’t say it’s something we’re concerned about. We don’t even think about it. We’re blinded by the vision and feeling of a valuable, tangible print product that people can collect.

When and where can one get his/her hands on a copy of the magazine?

We’ve recently launched our website – www.justsunday.co.za and both issues are available there. So people can order online and we’ll have it delivered for free. RHTConline.com is our family and distributor as well.


After two issues released what is your projection for the first year of the magazine’s existence?

We haven’t thought about it. Again, we’ve been advised to, but we haven’t. We feel like that kind of talk puts us in the ‘It’s a business’ space. And we’re trying to avoid that for now. It’s kind of like that “The worst advice I ever got was: Come up with a business plan” feeling. We don’t want this kid (justsunday) to grow too quickly.

Tell me about the audience you are targeting with the magazine?

Friends and family. Our KiN. Fellow creatives that are doing amazing work – or at least we believe they’re amazing. People who a willing to learn and listen to other opinions, and people who are willing to teach according to their opinion, and share it.

Give me a description of the type of content the readers can expect from this publication.

Some dope creative concepts and excecutions from really dope creatives – so talented. Crazy-awesome conversations with some of the people that we look up to creatively. And a really good feeling when you hold it in your hands – that’s a lot of what people have been telling us.


What sets this publication apart from other publications currently available in the South African market?

We’re not sure. We haven’t done any market research or anything. We probably never will. What we can say though is that we love what we’re doing. It’s our love and heart in the form of a print publication. If we can stay true to that (avoid becoming a business, magazine etc) – then surely we’ll have something that sets us apart. I mean, everyone’s different and special in their own way, right?

What 4 things do you think make a good magazine generally?

Uhm… all we can do is talk about Justsunday. I think it’s okay for us to have an opinion on that.

  • Tangibility will never grow old.
  • Obviously the cover.
  • That has to be attractive.
  • In whatever medium you work in, always challenge ergonomics and how people interact with your product of magazine

 What do you want the consumer to take away from your work?

…that we’re so open to learning their opinions, creative passion projects and character. That’s we’d rather get to know them better instead of just imposing ourselves on them. Let’s be friends.


Tell us about the PlaygroundSA collaboration.

That was just Mpumelelo Frypan Mfula reaching out as he always does. We’ve worked on few projects together, done each other a lot of favours. He’s KiN to us. Right now, I wouldn’t call it a collaboration yet, he just wanted Justsunday on his shelf and we were so happy with that opportunity.

How’s the social media Sphere… give me your handles.

Steadily growing. We’re on instagram mostly – @justsundaymag. We have more chats in our DM’s than we do on what’sapp lol.


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