Frayznix Media & From Moz With Style Unorthodox Xipamanine Editorial

About two years ago, I wrote a blog post titled Three Things You can do in Maputo; this post featured the then up-and-coming collective of bloggers, fashion styling enthusiasts and creative directors FROM MOZ WITH STYLE.

Like a good wine, my relationship with this group has matured with time. Fast-forward, two years later, while I visited Mozambique again, we decided to collaborate on this here unorthodox project. This project, not only has the intention of showcasing our styling as well as expressive aspirations, it also aims to bridge socio-cultural gap between Mozambique and South Africa. Furthermore, it serves as an awesome platform for the FromMOz studios crew to showcase their ever evolving photography skills.

For location, we chose XIPAMANINE (Google it) not only because this is one of the oldest semi-formal markets in Maputo, not even because it looks like a man-made wood and plastic jungle, it was principally because both crews unanimously agreed that this is the Mecca of second-hand clothing.

I was chosen by my team as the real life model, while the FromMoz team selected Eric Ambriza as their subject for the project.

In terms of styling, because Mozambique is a tropical, coastal country, we decided to go for the green tropical shirts as a visual metaphor for our environmental consciousness. Eric Ambriza wears Adidas Originals tracks pants, and Nike runners. I decided to stick to my love for patterns and wore capulana pants with my all time favourite socks and the formal shoes I bought for my brother’s wedding in 2010.

Need I say more? The rest is all in the images below.


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