Meet The KINS: A Creative Network With Roots in Mozambique

The KINS is a creative, socio-cultural movement with roots in Mozambique. This family tree has as its main focus, to redefine creativity using fashion as a medium. This altruistic initiative brings together creative individuals practicing in a distinctive array of disciplines, residing locally (in Mozambique) as well as the Diaspora.

The sharing of information, collaboration and social responsibilities such as workshops are, but some of the segments that this family tree has its eyes on.

Relatively new as a movement, however, the various bloggers, photographers, stylists, designers and all-round-entrepreneurs who make up this movement have operated in their field of expertise for a considerable time.

Spear-headed by Mozambican multi-disciplinary creative Celso “Origimoz” Zaqueu, The Kins as the name suggests, endeavors to create a family-like, network of like-minded individuals in Mozambique. Furthermore ,this initiative aims to propagate the culture of, social entrepreneurship to help bridge disparities and isolation in social-economic circles. A plausible intervention and the purest of intentions.

Photography: Celso Zaqueu I Photography



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